Friday Faves: February 1, 2013

Once again, I have been embarrassingly neglectful of the blog. And once again, it wasn’t with intent. But with Christmas, a bun in the oven (which is causing me to spend any spare time napping) and buying a new house, the poor little blog once again slides to the bottom of the list.

But I am trying to redeem myself, again. Perhaps if I share a decadent recipe that will help?

My mom gave me a beautiful cake stand for Christmas, so I recently christened it with this luscious double-chocolate layer cake. Because the chocolate lover in my life isn’t a fan of coffee (sacrilege, I know), I skipped adding it to the frosting. Still delicious.

Double-layer chocolate cake

This is pure gold. Right up there with Texts from Hillary.

Sometimes I find myself on the most random catalog mailing lists. Case in point – just this week I received one from Olive & Cocoa. No idea how I got on the list, though it does seem right up my alley. Think of Red Envelope but high-end. Most items are silly expensive, but it’s fun to look.

I have so much to learn — but won’t — before the Super Bowl on Sunday. We are actually going to a party this year and I will never understand a thing about the sport. But these are the kinds of things that I can comprehend as they relate to the big game. Does that count?

No? Well, when it comes to the Super Bowl, the commercials, anything pop culture-related and the food are more my cup of tea. And I’m debating what to take to snack on. I’ve been wanting to try this, although I’m not sure why it’s dubbed “poolside” dip, other than that it can be eaten poolside.

I had the pleasure of spending the past week at Sundance Resort. I’ll do my best to share some pictures in a more timely fashion than this most recent post.