Atop the Eiffel Tower
Atop the Eiffel Tower

Thanks to my mom, summer vacations weren’t up for debate. We went on one, every summer.

Sometimes it was a trip to Aunt Marge’s in Florida where my I had my first experience with burning hot sand at the ripe old age of four-ish. I vividly remember it being so hot it actually felt cold.

Sometimes it was a trip to Branson, Missouri where we’d take in a Baldknobbers show and eat funnel cakes at Silver Dollar City.

The destinations were never terribly exotic, clearly, but in spite of that, family vacations were always something I longed for as a kid. Yes, even though they often meant piling into the Ford Granada and sharing the backseat with at least one, but often two, of my sisters. But we went on vacation every summer as far back as I can remember.

So I got bit by the travel bug long ago and my desire to pack my bags and go at any and every chance has only grown. Fortunately for me, the destinations have become a bit more exciting.

New Year's Eve in Paris
There’s no place like Paris for New Year’s Eve.
(Don’t judge; everyone drinks champagne from the bottle.)

What is The Globetrotting Gal?

When The Globetrotting Gal was born back in 2012, I was more of a globetrotter than I am today. My husband and I used to travel frequently for both business and pleasure, but more so the latter. I created The Globetrotting Gal when we went to Ireland, as a place for me to chronicle our trip for family and friends. I also shared my two cents on the hotels we stayed at and restaurants we ate at, as well as miscellaneous musings.

Fast forward to today and things have changed. As parents to a little girl and a dogter, my husband and I no longer travel like we used to, and rarely do we do it solo. We’re more like the Clampetts when we go anywhere. And since globetrotting is no longer a regular pastime of mine, The Globetrotting Gal has changed shape. Instead of being travel-focused, it’s lifestyle-focused with a side of travel — for now. I’m writing about mom stuff, family stuff, recipes, food and wine, random musings and yes, travel — when possible. And I write when I have time.

Who is The Globetrotting Gal?

My name is Jacquelyn. I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, daughter and Boston Terrier. I grew up in Southern Illinois but didn’t move to Austin until after stops in Houston, Hoboken, Providence, Boston, London and most recently, Chicago.

I’m a full-time wife and mom and a part-time stylist for Stitch Fix.

I love to travel. But I’m not on-the-go 24/7/365, and even less so now that I have a toddler. And I’m glad. I prefer a more balanced travel schedule, and for me that’s one or two international trips per year (probably a little less temporarily!), plus a handful of domestic vacas and a few weekend getaways here and there. I have my favorite destinations (nearly anything beach, Paris, the Cotswolds, Napa) but prefer trying new places.

Because I don’t travel constantly, I can’t always promise exciting tales about how I sat next to the pilot on a flight from St. Thomas to San Juan (true story) or share pretty pictures of the destination du jour. But I do my best to post semi-regularly. I go through slumps.

I do love to write; it’s simply been a challenge finding the time as of late, but thanks for your patience.

Schramsberg sparling wine cave
In a cave filled with bottles of sparking wine — my happy place.

Any questions or comments, feel free to contact me here.